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In Memoriam: Robert L. Davis – @SQLSoldier

No one’s life works out exactly as they want it to – or goes exactly as planned.

We all have our struggles, challenges, triumphs, and sorrows – our good days, and our bad.

Which is why, in the end, the thing that matters most is how you live your life – what you do with the time you’re given; how you fill your day.

Day in and day out – through the thick and thin of Robert’s Life he could ALWAYS be found genuinely helping people.


Not only am I grateful and lucky to count Robert as a friend, but I’m truly a better person for having known him.

His steady example of kindness, help, and service to others is something I cherish and strive to honor by living my life in service to others – as Robert did.

To me, the world just isn’t the same without Robert – I miss you man.

And I’ll see you on the other side.