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3 to 9 Blog – An Introduction

Scott Hanselman (blog|twitter) is right, it’s time to stop ‘pouring’ our ideas into closed systems (i.e., social media) that usurp ownership of our thoughts and sap our ability to share things of value with one-another.

In short: I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and it’s time I got back to regular blogging.

A big part of what’s kept me away from blogging for so long though, is that I tend to be a bit too verbose – which means that blogging can too easily become a tedious affair where I spend too much time word-smithing my way through long, overly thought-out, posts.

That, and no one these days seems to have much patience for more than a bit of content at a time anyhow.

So, I’m trying something new: regular, concise, blog-posts – to the tune of roughly 3 to 9 sentences per post. (If I find something that I really need to ‘rant’ about (or want to cover by means of a tutorial), I’ll set up a ‘long-blog’ and tackle details there.)

Keep an eye out, I’ll try to keep things interesting.