Triple 4K Monitors – Backgrounds

As part of a workstation upgrade in January I grabbed a video card (that was more than) capable of driving 3x 4K monitors simultaneously – along with 3x Dell P2415Q Monitors. I’ve now been using 3x 4K monitors for over half a year (previously I was using 3x 1680×1050 monitors – so this has been quite the upgrade), and I’ve got to say that after all of this time, I’m still totally and completely, head-over-heals in love.

Two Minor Issues

I have, however, run into two very MINOR issues running these monitors (and one huge problem that I’ll cover in a subsequent post as it’s not so much a 4K problem as a Windows/Display Port problem).

1. Where’s my Cursor? In a sea of nearly 25 million pixels (each 4K monitor sports 3840 x 2160 resolution – or 8.29 million pixels each), I’ve found myself chuckling a few times at the few seconds it can occasionally take to find a tiny 32 x 32 pixel cursor hiding amongst one of my 3 monitors.

2. Backgrounds / Wallpaper. Unsurprisingly, there just aren’t that many great backgrounds that remain crisp and non-pixelated when being displayed on 3x 4K monitors running side by side – or at 11,520 x 2160 resolution.

Some Options

Happily, I have found a few sites that provide ‘good enough’ resolution backgrounds or wallpaper that have helped provide me with some options or backgrounds.

More importantly, I’ve also found that iOS Panoramas typically provide for fantastic triple-monitor backgrounds – they’re easy enough to take, and provide plenty of pixels to keep everything very crisp and vibrant when running triple 4K monitors.

To that end, I’ll be sharing a few of the #triple4Kbackgrounds I’ve taken during my own adventures – starting with this panorama (of Upper Ball Lake – in Northern Idaho’s Selkirk Mountains) I took last week while on my ‘Solo 2016’ backpacking trip.

Early Morning on Upper Ball Lake

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