Enchantments – 2016

This summer, my brother (Jed), his son (Aaron), and my oldest son (Caleb), and I decided to do a hike-through tour of the Enchantments – which Wikipedia describes thusly:

The Enchantments is regarded as one of the most spectacular locations in the Cascade Range.

In my estimation, Wikipedia is underplaying The Enchantments quite a bit.

A Grueling Hike – But Well Worth It

It’s easy to get to and even hike into the Enchantments – but permits to camp are allocated on a lottery basis every year. And, since we didn’t have a permit, we decided to do the entire 22 mile hike in a single day – which is a bit of a beast when you count in the 4500+ feet of elevation you’ll pick up during some parts of this hike.

Here’s what the hike looked like from my Fitbit’s perspective (note the number of stairs it estimated – thanks to the huge ascent we took up Aasgard Pass):


More Triple4KBackgrounds

Otherwise, I’ve uploaded just a couple of the gorgeous Panoramas I was able to take on this trip – in case anyone wants them as #triple4kbackgrounds:

Colchuck Lake – Looking towards Aasgard Pass (which is just to the left of that massive block of granite right in the center of this pic).

Some ‘watermelon’ snow in the upper Enchantments (with little Annapurna left-of-center in the background).

The back-side of Dragontail Peak (with the summit of Aasgard Pass right in the center of the image).

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